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Social & Emotional Learning that Promotes Positive Relationships

Presentations For in-person, Hybrid, & Virtual programs

Risk prevention makes sense in a COVID era.

Educators and youth workers know that the needs of today’s young people are complex, with an increased vulnerability to risky behaviors.

Penn’s Youth Initiative partners with schools and youth organizations to help meet some of the ‘easily missed’ social and emotional needs by offering interactive programming that is fun and engaging.

Our Program Explores

  • Self-Identity
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Now Goals for Later Dreams
  • Friendship, Dating, & Love
  • Navigating Conflict
  • Understanding Others’ Perspectives
  • Media Influences
  • Relationship Red Flags
  • Whole Person Health
  • Consent
  • Breakup Skills

Presentations from Penn’s Youth Initiative empower, encourage and educate students to desire, value and seek out healthy relationships.

Our program uses the highly acclaimed REAL Essentials curricula in the classroom and is suited for both middle and high school students. This curricula is specifically designed to help young people develop skills necessary to form healthy relationships, setting their lives up for long-term success.

Young teen boys with arms around each other's shoulders

High school and middle school curricula

Young teen girl works intently during virtual or online class from her home

Dynamic, interactive
lesson plans

Teen couple embrace

Risk prevention strategies that affirm individual worth

LIVE remote learning classroom presentations available

Teen friends, one in wheelchair

Age-appropriate, inclusive, and trauma-informed

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