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Penn's Youth Initiative Grant Project

Helping Teens Learn to Avoid Risky Behaviors

Penn’s Youth Initiative and its affiliates conduct classroom presentations that engage students about healthy relationships. Our program allows young people to hear positive messages that underscore key topics including:

  • individual worth
  • meaningful friendships
  • dating boundaries
  • smart decision-making

Presentations are conducted with a lighthearted candor that fosters warmth and acceptance. High levels of engagement, humor, role playing, and situational studies all are used to help young people think about what matters most to them—relationships.
Our program is intentionally designed to be inclusive of all students regardless of background or beliefs. 

As parents and grandparents, our team at PYI recognizes the importance of transparency with parents and guardians. Please call or email us with any questions or concerns.  Opportunities to see the curriculum and to observe a lesson demo are available at regular REX Events (see details below).

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Parent Workshop Events

Relationship Education EXperience

Experience a classroom presentation and see for yourself why Penn’s Youth Initiative is making a difference in local schools and youth organizations. Through the eyes of a 5th-12th grader, learn how to feel valuable, how to make smart decisions, and what it takes to build healthy relationships—all presented with light-hearted candor & fun.

  • Meet PYI Program Educators
  • Scan the curriculum guides
  • Learn more to bring PYI to your school

While teens are welcome to attend, this event is specifically designed for teachers, administrators, youth leaders, and parents.

To schedule a REX event please email us at  

Personality Profile Quiz

Pathways to Positive Choices

Helping young people navigate a fast moving, technology-driven and, at times, an exceptionally challenging social environment, is a way to achieve optimum health and establish a pathway to positive choices.

Penn’s Youth Initiative and affiliates appreciate the opportunity to present this very important information to teens as a compliment to your school’s curriculum or youth organization’s programming. We strongly encourage parents/guardians to initiate discussion of the lessons with their child and attentively listen to their responses.

Thank you for your consideration and support!

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